Leadership is about Power

Power over others, influencing them to be engaged, to collaborate for added value, to create new value inside the team. This power has many different shades, some are darker, some are lighter, yet influence is always a result we want to grow.

And power over self, over our inner energies. To contain ones, to maximise others. It is about how we best use our resources to gain more. To win our best scenario.

Coaching is also about power and growth

Our credo is that no one can change another person. So what can we do through coaching? We believe that new ideas and new behaviours can only grow by their own. It is an inception. What we can do is to spread seeds of questions at the right moment and be provocative on alternative thinking.

We can offer support to fully discover the cost of change and to take strong decisions to achieve the new vision. We can sustain leaders to make a shift of power from others to them.

Leadership grows through Coaching

To learn more about our methods, let's schedule a meeting. And we will offer in depth understanding of our methods, our learning models and on how we can create sustainable change within your leadership style.