Perspectives of a new vision

Coaching means change, changing minds, changing attitudes

Our core belief is that people change only when they possess a full view of the benefits for change versus the cost of not changing, and a strong emotional trigger to commit for that change. In terms of process these are the first two stages in change management: awareness and desire to be part of the change. You can find here the ADKAR model of Prosci, one of the top world providers of change management methodology.

Our motto "Attitude sets the Altitude" reflects this process, because attitude is the base layer for behavioural change. It stays between one's personality and what others perceive in the style of communication and interaction. Changing something in the attitude will influence everything around, including the personality in time. This way, the Attitude becomes the first pillar for the desired change.

And the most sustainable one.

When talking about power most people will describe what they perceive. Take a minute to think: your own power lays in the perception of others. It is said that the most important decisions of your career will be taken by other people when you are not in the room. Thus, the question becomes: what do they perceive about your leadership style?

Leadership Coaching

It is the utmost powerful development tool.

It is perfectly customisable, flexible and purpose driven.

It reflects value at the individual level back into the organisation.

As a Sr. Coach with over 1500 hours of coaching dedicated to management roles, I have practiced several development approaches and by far, coaching had the utmost success in delivering Leadership behaviours.

Team Coaching

When a team needs:

> vision alignment

> values & communication alignment

> collective active leadership throughout the organisation

> business transformation on working flows & different performance rate

> collaboration & sharing resources between business lines

We can facilitate your solutions!

Organisational Programs

Sometimes all you need to create change, even for your senior team is a plus of information.

We can provide innovative workshops that are focused on new perspectives that change mindsets.

Behind our Decisions ®

Change Immunity ®

The Chemistry of Business ®

The Z's mindset ®

Vibe in the Hive ®

Measuring Results

We are fanatics of measuring and each of our solutions has specifically designed tools. We use surveys to evaluate the level of applied change. We ask the participants, as well as the stakeholders and peer teams for an interval of 1 up to 6 months following the coaching program or workshops.

Before delivering a program for your company we will establish together the tools to measure the results. This approach guarantees the performance both for your company and for us.

For each solution we will present personalised measurements that you can independently use within your teams to track your people's growth results.

By knowing upfront how the results are quantified gives clarity and structure to the Coaching process, which is utmost important to get the right level of Awareness and Desire for Change through our learning interventions.