Cristian Stanculescu

Founder Member

I believe in Attitude as being the base layer for personal change.
It is what stands in between our personality and what others perceive in our style of communication and interaction.
Working on our Attitude will influence everything around and expressly influence the perceptions of others on us.

Professional Certified Coach, ICF
Certified Associated Coach, ICI
+1500 hours of Leadership & Team Coaching

Our Story

The idea of this niche coaching company came at the beginning of 2013. The design of the brand had to grow more before launching.

As a founder member I consider highly valuable to deliver real change for our partners and clients. I activated for ten years in competitive sales environments, throughout large corporate and start-up companies, and this led to a strong customer oriented mindset.

The following nine years I spent in large corporates optimising and designing learning programs, transformational processes and for six years I activated as a Management Consultant and Professional Coach in a dedicated role in the Banking sector.

I believe that Coaching is the utmost powerful tool for personal change within the business environment. My approach is as simple and direct as possible. Where training can provide information and skills, Coaching can change mindsets.

The certifications with two of the most renowned coaching credential organisations, ICF-International Coaching Federation and ICI-International Association of Coaching Institutes, and the experience of more than 1500 hours of Leadership & Team Coaching in corporate environment within the biggest players in their industries (Vodafone, SAB Miller Ursus Breweries & BCR Erste Bank) can ensure that your company will be provided with the best solution in the market. One that has a corporate language.

I decided to create a learning dedicated company in 2005 and I practiced my approach since then in more than 5000 hours of training delivery. What I found is that the best approach for real change inside a team is a mix of experiential learning with a strong coaching focus.