Some of the referrals...


" It gives me great pleasure sharing my working experience with you, because it was an opportunity for me to communicate openly, to check my perception and to get constructive feedback.

Our common experience has helped us to know each other better, to build a professional relationship based on trust, support, consideration and even friendship! Good luck!

Warmly, M. "

(M.R., Internal Stakeholder

for Coaching, B-1 level)


" I chose to work with Cristian from a panel of 5 or more colleagues because of his highly applied approach. And within three meetings he accomplished my expectations. Our interaction has had an alert rhythm, has been well articulated and centered on results. I appreciate Cristian's working style, openness and decisive contribution to the crystallization I needed. "

(A.P., Sr. Lecturer Academic environment)


" I was interested in setting the communication vertically and horizontally, motivating teams by involving managers, measuring managerial skills for working with people, increasing customer satisfaction, personal development and career planning.

We had a core partner in Coach, so after less than 1 year we were running projects on each coordinated group, development workshops, and managers interested in evolving."

(B.T., Internal Stakeholder

for Coaching, B-1 level)


" My experiences with Cristian as a coach were very insightful and revealing. Through his straightforward and supportive way of communicating he has guided me to discover and foster new abilities. Cristian’s advice was also very valuable in my career development and in improving my professional network. I strongly recommend Cristian to anyone who wishes to build a clear career path and strengthen his skills. "

(M.S., Manager Digital Channels)


" I recommend Cristian for the coaching sessions in which he never taught me what to do to achieve my goals (as I would have wanted at the beginning :), but he always stimulated me to think beyond the task, and daily issues so I can only identify the steps I have to go through to get where I want it "

(C.S., Manager Operational Alternative Channels)


" During our 2 and a half year collaboration on individual and team coaching, Cristian proved to be very helpful and resourceful at the same time. A very good listener, he invited me to look at things from a fresh perspective, helping me to find creative solutions. Always available when me and my team needed his support, he was a real inspiration in terms of leadership, people and sales management. "

(M.M., Sales Manager, B-2 level)


" Cristian is above all, a man with an important experience in the personal and professional development area. Analytically and structured in approach, it conveys trust and stability, two very important attributes for people and the company. He is a colleague and a coach who I strongly recommend with all responsibility! "

(C.G., Sales Manager, B-2 level)


" Cristian is a person who will open new horizons, totally different from the rest of the trainer. A valued man from whom everyone has something to learn."

(O.I., Sales Professional)


" Cristian is a very good professional in his field of expertise. The experience gained over time and meticulous training recommends him as a specialist able to bring added value anytime through his ideas and input."

(S.G., Sales Manager, B-2 level)


“ I worked with Cristian at Ursus Breweries and I appreciated that he is highly structured in approaching coaching sessions and, at the same time, always oriented towards the practical goal.

He cares about the people he works with, understands the diverse aspects of their personality, and therefore he can be creative in proposing the right methods for each “

(L.P., Operational Manager)


“Cristian is one of the few people who know how to listen. Our collaboration has helped me to find my way easier in both professional and personal life. He skillfully combines enthusiasm, gentleness, expertise and recommends it with warmth and gratitude.”

(E.C., Sales Manager, B-2 level)


“While working in the company, Cristian's activity has had a major impact on our results and feedback from customers. Cristian has the ability to change things for the better as soon as a project is assigned. He is respected by his colleagues for being always willing to help when he can. He has played a major role in training the sales team, which has led to increased efficiency in the market.”

(D.M., Sales Manager B-3 level)


“I have participated in numerous training courses in the period where you collaborated with Ursus Breweries and I want to mention that they have helped me enormously in my career, both by content (set on objectives) and by structure (well calibrated between theory and examples practical). I hope to have the pleasure of collaborating in the future too!”

(M.S., Sales Manager)


“His method of training is very direct, open minded and clear. He encourages everyone to actively participate in the training process and to offer their own experience and knowledge.”

(R.T., Global Sales Manager)


“Cristian gave very pleasant and innovative presentation which had a powerful impact on how I view my daily business interactions.”

(C.D., Legal Professional)