Power Concepts in Leadership Coaching

I'm opening below a window to what it has deep personal meaning for me within the coaching interaction. I believe in an equally shared connection and this is my opening move in inviting you on winning your best scenario.

As previously stated, the core belief for our business proposal is that people change only when they have full view of the benefits for changing versus the cost of not changing, and a strong emotional trigger to commit for the change. In terms of change management process these are the first two stages: awareness and desire to be part of the change.

Have you seen the "Inception" movie? This core belief I recognised it in the Inception movie. Beyond the action scenes, in terms of personal change this movie is setting a standard, which I found it latter in psychology: a sustainable change is when one person is feeding it resources in an effortless approach.

In Leadership Coaching sustainable change will mean integrating a core competence in the system and growing this competence through own experiences and own perspectives.

We will search together for your deep personal meaning to create the change and we will design together the tools for observing and measuring each milestone.

Symbols are a fast way to show deeper meaning. Symbols are keys, they hold and clarify deeper meaning in a simple expression.

It is said that the universe is more than 75% made of dark matter. We just don't know how to study it yet.

In every Leader these forces coexist in some percentages. Some have a greater shadow than others. Some have a darker one. The important part is where you want to be in the future. There is a layer in between our personality and what others perceive: our Attitude - communication style, decision making, impact that we have on others.

What are the key Leadership behaviours that you want others to recognise in you?

Neuroscience demonstrated that there is a region in the brain responsible for how we see ourselves. And our self-image center is connected to what we perceive of others and all these are finally connected to our decision making "core processor".

Leadership Coaching is working with our self image and on our expressed power.

Connecting your objective with a deep personal meaning for you, your work will create sustainable change on this flux of decision and action.

“The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.” - Michelangelo

We are all stones that take shape and sharpen with each objective that we set for ourselves, with each achievement. The rough stone is the symbol of our work on us.