Cristian Stanculescu

Founder Member

I believe in Attitude as being the base layer for personal change.
It is what stands in between our personality and what others perceive in our style of communication and interaction.
Working on our Attitude will influence everything around and expressly influence the perceptions of others on us.

Professional Certified Coach, ICF
Certified Associated Coach, ICI

+1500 hours of Leadership & Team Coaching

Coaching Decalogue

1. My first promise is that by having the proper dedication, you will achieve your desired change

2. The client is 100% deciding what we will work as the meeting's objective. I do not believe in coaches that know better. You are the top expert about your own life. Be assured, when something occurs our plan I will ask why are we not keeping our agreed agenda, and what have you applied and learned since our previous meeting. Still, you will decide what your benefits for each meeting are

3. The client is 100% deciding the pace for our meetings. I believe in freedom, freedom to grow, freedom to think, freedom of actions. I believe in a healthy learning system, one where the Coach is there only to support the Client in the crux moments, and not as a paced schedule. Some changes are happening fast, some take longer time. I follow my promise for desired change rate than meetings by schedule

4. The coaching discussion is 100% confidential. That means 100% undisclosable

5. If there is a three parties contract, we will all agree the level in which the sponsor will know the subject of the coaching meeting and the measurements for the coaching success. The coaching discussion is 100% confidential

6. In coaching we do not judge. The judgment process belongs to Somebody else

7. The coaching process is about you. So we will match everything with your values, your life principles, your previous successes and your objective. IT IS ABOUT YOU

8. I will challenge every system or belief that is related with your objective of growth

9. I will do it in a warm, engaging, even fun approach

10. You are entitled to apply your own rules of interaction to the coaching meeting